Certificate of Experience

If your profession is unregulated in the UK, but you are moving to a Member State where the profession is regulated, you may need a Certificate of Experience. This is for EU citizens with UK work experience in the trade or craft sector. The Certificate of Experience is a document which details an individual's work experience and qualifications gained in a particular profession in the UK. It verifies that the individual has satisfied the criteria laid out in chapter 2 of Directive 2005/36/EC, modified by Directive 2013/55/EU. These Directives govern the recognition of craft and trade professions in Member States. Once issued, the Certificate of Experience will assist the individual to work in a regulated profession in another Member State without the need of further training or experience.

Individuals who have trained and gained work experience in the UK and wish to pursue their profession in another Member State may require the Certificate of Experience. It is only issued if the destination Member State stipulates that the profession is regulated under Directive 1999/42/EC. In order to ascertain whether a profession is regulated in a particular Member State, it is necessary to contact the relevant Assistance Centre.

Firstly you must contact the Assistance Centre in the Member State where you wish to work and find out whether you require the Certificate of Experience.

If you require the Certificate of Experience, please proceed to the online application form.

  • Any relevant certificates and/or diplomas relating to your trade/craft
  • Two personal referees
  • Valid passport
  • Letter from local Inland Revenue office to confirm self-employed status

The Certificate of Experience is £107.04, to include completion and postage by First Class Post or standard Airmail.