Regulated Professions

The UK has four different ways of regulating professions under Directive 2005/36/EC, modified by Directive 2013/55/EU:

Professions Regulated by Law or Public Authority are professions where there is a regulatory requirement to register with a competent authority prior to practising that profession. In accordance with the Directives, it is the responsibility of the regulatory authority for the profession to assess a professional’s prior training and experience, to determine whether they are suitably qualified to practise. If your profession falls into this category and you would like to practise in the UK, it will therefore be necessary to contact the professional authority directly.

Professions Regulated by Professional Bodies Incorporated by Royal Charter are a list of certain Chartered titles, professional titles or designatory letters that are protected by a competent authority holding a Royal Charter. Typically these professions do not have a reserve of activities, but this should be verified with the appropriate competent authority. Individuals may choose to hold corporate membership of a chartered body due to the professional status it confers in their field. EU citizens who wish to hold a Chartered title or designatory letters must apply to the relevant institution. The institution will consider your qualifications and any relevant practical experience under the provisions of the Directive. If there are substantial differences between the education and training received and that which is required in the UK you will be asked to undertake compensatory measures before being awarded the title or able to use the designatory letters.

Regulated Professions Under Regulation 35 are professions where pursuit of a profession can be limited to holding sufficient proof of knowledge and aptitude.

Sectoral Professions are the seven professions where the minimum training requirements have been harmonised across the Member States. If you practise one of the seven sectoral professions and have completed recognised basic training in the EU, you may be able to obtain automatic recognition of your qualifications. Only qualifications obtained in a Member State and listed in Directive 2005/36/EC are eligible for automatic recognition. If you intend to practisce in any of these professions in the UK you must apply for recognition of your qualification from the appropriate competent authority.