If you are an employer wishing to send your employees to work within the EU, please note that restrictions may apply if the profession your employees practice is regulated there. You should contact the Assistance Centre in that Member State to ask for information and advice.

If the profession practiced by your employees is regulated in the UK, your employees should contact the Assistance Centre in the host Member State to ask who they need to register with.

If your profession is unregulated in the host Member State, your employees should still look to contact the Assistance Centre to determine if there are any further requirements they should be aware of (for example, tax or business legislation). This can also be done through the country's Point of Single Contact for the Services Directive.

If your profession is unregulated in the UK, but regulated in the EU Member State where they are moving to, and your employees need a Certificate of Experience to demonstrate their professional experience meets the requirements of Article 17, Article 18 or Article 19 of Directive 2005/36/EC., we can assist in providing this essential documentation.

Please visit the EU Regulated Professions database to check if the profession is regulated.

If you are an employer recruiting a professional who has qualified in another Member State, and you would like further guidance on the background and context of the profession in their home Member State, we may able to help. Please contact us for further information. If you need to know the academic comparability of the professional's academic qualifications for employment purposes, please ask your professional to contact UK NARIC for further information.