Statement of Comparability

Now that UK NARIC has confirmed the level of your studies, you may be thinking about registering to be able to work in the UK.

In the UK, professional recognition is governed by competent authorities/professional bodies.

The UK NARIC Centre for Professional Qualifications (the CPQ) can help you identify the competent authority for your profession. Use the links below to obtain the relevant contact details.

Professions Regulated by Law or Public Authority: These are professions where there is a requirement to register in order to practise.
Example professions: teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses, architects, health and care professionals etc.

Professions Regulated by Professional Bodies Incorporated by Royal Charter: These are protected titles and designatory letters which are protected by a competent authority holding a Royal Charter.
Example professions: engineers, surveyors, accountants etc.

For further advice and guidance on professional recognition in the UK, please contact