Coming into the UK?

This section has been developed to help you determine if your profession is regulated or not in the UK, and what you will need to do in order to come to the UK and pursue your profession.

You are free to pursue your profession in the UK as long as no law exists which requires specific national qualifications to access the profession (these professions are unregulated). Most professions in the UK are not regulated; however, the majority of the regulated professions are within the teaching, medical and legal sectors.

In the UK if the profession you wish to practise is regulated you may be required by the competent authority to obtain professional recognition of your qualifications to be able to practise your profession in the UK.

Check the list of regulated professions and protected titles in the UK.

Find out what to do if your profession is unregulated in the UK.

Understand more about the recognition process for professional qualifications.

Find out about what type of compensation measures may be offered.

Learn about the appeals processes in the UK.